Preview of Bronx's Madagascar!

LemursBronx Zoo tackles another great project in this adaptive reuse of the historic Lion House.  The issue of reuse in zoos is near and dear to my heart (see Messages and Meanings Part 1) as I believe some of the most beautiful aspects of zoos are their historic buildings (aside from the critters themselves!).  Oftentimes, a critical mistake occurs with the juxtaposition (yes, I did just write that) of natural exhibit design with the human-dominant structures.  Generally, the best use of these buildings is, in my opinion, a change of use; meaning, a cat house becomes the new restaurant.  In this case, the Bronx decided to change the style of exhibit and species held within, but keep to the original use of 'animal home'.  I'm hoping that this project is another example of successful reuse, and can't wait to see the finished product!  Maybe I'll be able to get the scoop on the design process and decision-making, and post for all to see.  Keep an eye out...

Check out pre-opening pics of Madagascar.

Good luck to all involved during the homestretch!