More Elephant Controversy...

As I've posted in the past, elephants at zoos have been the target of much controversy in the recent years.   Dallas Zoo recently fought public outcry to keep their lone elephant, and Chicago residents have been fighting to essentially outlaw elephants in captivity within the city limits. 

Billy in his current home

Now, the Zoo has announced it will continue the exhibit construction, against dissenting opinions.  It will become one of the over 60 zoos in the country to make the decision to keep their elephants, renovating their current exhibits or adding entirely new ones.

The new exhibit will be world class, promises the Zoo.  At over 3 acres of animal space, it would be one of the largest in the nation.   The Zoo plans on adding 3 females to make a 4 animal herd. 

New exhibit plans

Now, Los Angeles joins the spotlight, as the Zoo here has decided to keep its lone bull elephant, Billy.  Due to the star-studded cast of  outspoken animal activists, the Zoo halted construction on the elephant's new enclosure in order to re-evaluate its plans, and to hear dissenting opinions.  At the stoppage, approximately 30% of the project was complete.

Good luck to all involved in this brave project!