Help Out a Zoo...Amazon Wishlists

Enrichment is a daily task for zoos.  Whether hiding treats in a primate exhibit, building meat filled paper mache pumpkins for anxious tigers, or replacing tires hanging from chains in the rhino enclosure, enrichment is a key part of every keeper's day.

And a unwelcome cost to every zoo's budget.

But now supportive guests can help their favorite zoos lessen the burden of this necessary expense by purchasing items on!

I'm not sure how long zoos have been taking advantage of this service (as a loyal Amazon customer, I'm a little embarrassed that I am just now realizing this option exists!), but its an easy way for them to acquire much needed items, whether enrichment related or just general needs.

You want to help out?  Well, here's how:

Visit, and click on Gifts & Wishlists near the top.  Then click 'Wishlists'.  This will take you to a search screen.  Just enter the name of the zoo you'd like to help (or just enter 'zoo' and scroll to find yours), and the wishlist will appear.  Currently, there are about 20 zoos taking advantage of this service.