Portico's NY Aq "Ocean Wonders: Sharks!" Exhibit to Break Ground Soon


After years of speculation and design changes and changes and changes, WCS officially announced today that the upcoming new attraction "Ocean Wonders: Sharks!" will break ground in October of this year.  Designed as a collaboration between WCS's in-house design team and the Portico Group, the new exhibit will feature 500,000 gallons of saltwater within a 57,000 square foot building.  The exhibit will be home to  sharks, rays and sea turtles, and is expected to anchor a revitalization of historic Coney Island.  The exhibit is expected to open in the spring of 2015.

Based on the 3D fly-through, the exhibits will be fairly immersive and feature New York as a recurring theme. Check out the fly-through here.

Congratulations to all involved!