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Dinosaur Educates!?

Check out this video of an amazing idea for surprising guests at educational facilities (warning:  adult language in the comments section...it really freaked some folks out!). This "live" dinosaur walks amongst the shocked visitors at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and could be considered an interesting version of an animal presentation at zoos! I'm always curious about how to make presentations and shows (not to mention videos) more intriguing, and less "showlike" -- walking into a theater to await a formal presentation just seems so anti-nature to me.  However, this isnt that far from what we do currently, with the most elaborate of edutainment (like at SeaWorld) with amazing costumes, scenery and sound.  This is actually much more simple--a person in a costume--albeit an immensely impressive costume.  But, its just a person in a costume, nonetheless.

Is this the real deal in edutainment?  Does this inspire or intrigue, or just startle and scare the little ones (and adults, alike!)?  Would it be as impressive if it were a different animal?  Could it serve as a presentation in and of itself, or simply as another tool in our kit?  Let me know what you think!

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