Small and Sad: Dubai Zoo's Relocation on Hold Again

Amidst the worldwide economic crisis, Dubai's exponential construction and growth has come to a screeching halt.  Countless numbers of projects have been put on hold, until costcutting measures can be instated, or until the lending market (on which Dubai solely relies for its development capital) thaws. Typical Path at Dubai Zoo

Among these projects is the desperately bad, 5 acre  Dubai Zoo.  Built in the 1960s in the area referred to now as "Old Dubai", the Zoo has a long history of re-designs, master plans, and promises unkept, but this was to be the one that worked. 

The city has been building to its master plan, progressing to the goal of a vast metropolitan area comparable to the world's greats.  Pockets of developments can be seen across the desert; a strange world of clusters of towering skyscrapers dotting a sea of sand, connected by the widest highway you'll ever see.  These pockets are the early developments of the metro's "cities", similar to NYC's burroughs.  Among the cities, Sports City, Industrial City, Waterfront City, and Dubailand. 

Cold Climate Bear Surviving the Scorching Dubai Heat

Dubailand was to be the new home for the Dubai Zoo.  Dubailand, currently under construction and halted, was to be an entertainment haven, offering a variety of theme parks, malls, and, of course, the new Zoo. 

Poor Conditions at Dubai Zoo

Trying to Keep Animals Cool as Best They Can

Details on the new zoo vary widely, but it appears to be approximately 200 acres and will include the zoo, a night safari, resort style accommodations, and education facilities. 

Current Plan for Zoo??

However, it remains to be seen if this relocation will actually occur, or will this just be another in a long line of unkept promises.

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Aerial Rendering of Proposed Zoo