The Second Year Begins!


We've actually been meeting for 3 months now, but the second class of the PGAV Zoological Design Specialty Development Group (ZDSDT) is officially underway. This year, in addition to the inaugural group that graduated in 2011, we've added a few new faces.

Eileen Ostermeier has been passionate about zoo design since she was a child, when she wanted to be either a zoologist or an architect.  She studied architecture at Washington University in St. Louis and later received her Masters in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University, where she focused on habitat design and restoration.  She has been with PGAV for nearly 4 years and is currently working on a large Africa expansion for the Columbus Zoo.

Cray Shellenbarger  received his Master of Architecture degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  His thesis focused on the conscious and subconscious experience of space.  This led him to projects that focus on the experience of the occupant as the primary driver of design. After hearing about the Zoo Design SDT here at PGAV, he became fascinated with how the animal experiences the zoo.  He also finds the ethical issues within zoo design extremely important.

Russell Dow has been a long time zoo and aquaria fan starting with trips as a child to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  It wasn’t until he had his own children that his love for animals came back to him.  Seeing how his children respond when discovering new,  unexpected things within the exhibits or about the animals  is amazing.  Russell has been at PGAV for 3 years, and in that time, he's had the opportunity to work on some zoological parks and destinations confirming my interest in the area of enrichment, education and conservation.  His background is in Interior Architecture, Environmental Graphics, Graphics and Interpretive design.  He is interested in also taking some classes in Zoology when his children are elementary age.

Emily Howard, one of the ZDSDT's senior advisers and Vice President at PGAV, has loved being around all kinds of animals since she can remember; from growing up on her grandparents’ farm to volunteering at the local zoo in the summertime. Now, as a zoo and aquarium designer, she gets to blend two of her biggest passions: animals and design. She's been having fun at PGAV for 14+ years.

Keep watching the website for updates on our activities, articles, and lectures.  It's gonna be a great year!