Busch Gardens' Jungala Walk-thru

Recently, Busch Gardens' Africa's latest attraction, Junagala, opened to rave reviews.  Check out the video preview from Orlando Attraction Magazine. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD_QTzSrVUk]

This new addition, conceptualized by Portico Group, includes a new large, lush habitat for the tigers and orangutans (not together!), and massive play structure for kids and adults, including several small sized rides. The purpose was to create interactivity between animals and people, and allow guests understand that all creatures play. In fact, the orangs play so well, that one has already found a way to escape, only to be lured back to her exhibit with ice cream!

The writers over at MiceAge, a site dedicated to the Disney parks, took time out to experience the attraction and write up a review.  According to them, the attraction is a real win, and touches on the idea of enrichment-based design for guests and animals alike.  Enjoy!

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