Frank Buck Zoo: Building Repeatability

Frank Buck Zoo: Building Repeatability

Frank Buck Zoo is a small zoo in a small town. Although today the zoo is experiencing a massive market penetration, the zoo’s lack of identity and differentiation means future success is dependent on creating strong repeatable experiences for it’s local / regional resident visitors.

Opening: Russia's Grizzly Coast

bearlogoCongratulations to Minnesota Zoo and Portico Group on the opening of their newest exhibit, Russia's Grizzly Coast.  Opened on June 7 to the public, the exhibit looks amazing, incorporating geysers, steam vents, mud pots, and lava tubes to recreate the desolate Russia habitat.  Not many zoos have tackled Russia, due to political sensitivities, but I'm glad to see someone has broken through the invisible wall. 

Stats on the exhibit:

Total Exhibit Size: 3.5 acres

Otter Exhibit: 1,368 sq. ft.

Pool: 34,000 gallons

Bear Exhibit: 13,603 sq. ft.

Stream: 1,800 gallons

Pool: 16,500 gallons

Trout Pond: 2,600 gallons

Boar Exhibit: 1,932 sq. ft.

Leopard Exhibit: 2,785 sq. ft.

Cost: $23.6 million

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